Our Technology

New composite materials

A few unique components and a smart way of putting them together quickly.

Uses energy efficient building components expandable in increments of 1.3m (4.25ft).

Uses only 5 unique structural elements which connect like a LEGO set.

The material is a special fiber reinforced polymer available in many colors including wood, concrete and other texturing. The material is also an excellent thermal insulator.

The material is as strong as steel but 4 times lighter. Complex shapes can be designed to reduce the amount of components needed.

The material resists fire, water, mold and chemicals and does not corrode or rot.

The wall panels slide into the frame.

The wall panels are aluminum composite with a structural foam core and frame.

The foam is also an excellent insulator (R-38) and sound absorber.

The entire building is locked together by special shock absorbing connectors.

Can be erected or disassembled by 2 persons at a speed of 10min per square meter (1 min per square foot)

The heaviest component weighs 55kg (121 lb).

Multiple floors.

Future expansions are achieved by adding additional components.


Compare this with the  EXISTING TECHNOLOGY.