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Triple threat modular shelters.

MMC-3 will be offering a very low cost modular security shelter.
Our shelters have a higher ballistic and blast rating than much higher priced competitive steel boxes.
We use less than 5% steel by relying more on advanced materials such as engineered ceramic, FRBP (Fiber Reinforced Ballistic Polymer) and special shock absorbing foam. Our 13ft x 13ft MSE (Modular Structural Elements) are stackable in all 3 directions to create larger shelters. Four unique fire resistant FRBP frame elements connect to each-other like a LEGO set. The panels slide into place and our internal connection system locks everything together. Each of the MSE units can be assembled in a few hours on location. Additional MSE units can be added if more space is required later.

Our specified triple threat performance is guaranteed for the entire system.
The ballistic rating is UL752, Level 8, five 7.62mm lead core full metal copper jacket bullets fired into a 4.5 inch square.
The blast performance is 16 PSI, this is an equivalent wind speed of 400 Miles/hour.
The FE/BR (Forced Entry/Ballistic Resistance) rating is 30/60min using a 5 men attack team.
Our fire rating exceeds the requirements set by the oil and gas industry.

ULD's (aircraft containers).

We were contacted by a research firm to study the feasibility to create a fire and blast proof ULD using our materials and modular technology. Our cost turned out to be less than a regular unsecured ULD. Our ULD can be shipped disassembled lowering the cost of shipping it empty.