56,000m2 (608,000 ft2) for 4x less money

400 Apartments, 2 Elevators (12 P)

3D 4-6 House


Foot Print 160m x 160m (525 ft x 525ft)
Area 56,000m2 (608,000 ft2)
Horizontal Structures Aluminum and FRP
Vertical Structures FRP ( Fiber Reinforced Polymer )
Composite Wall Panels ACP, Aluminum Frame, PU Foam Core
Smart Home Technology Touch screens and Phone App
Lighting - Electric LED - Wire Harness
Building Kit $ ask   ( FOB Honduras )
Sea Freight to US ( TX or FL ) $ ask  (290 Containers)

Prices are subject to change!

3D 4-6 House

Low cost construction does not need to be inferior. Our technology exceeds most building technologies in strength and durability