4-6 House

48.5m2 (522 ft2) for $15,900

Two Bedrooms and Affordable

3D 4-6 House


Foot Print 8.5m x 5.7m (28 ft x 19 ft)
Area 48.5m2 (522 ft2)
Horizontal Structures Aluminum and FRP
Vertical Structures FRP ( Fiber Reinforced Polymer )
Composite Wall Panels ACP, Aluminum Frame, PU Foam Core
SSmart Home Technology Touch screens and Phone App
Lighting - Electric LED - Wire Harness
Building Kit with Full Bathroom $ 15,900 ( FOB Honduras )
Full Kitchen ( Cabinets, Sink, Stove ) $ 1,500
Sea Freight to US ( TX or FL ) $ 1,200

Prices are subject to change!

Download the 4-6 House Brochure   -   The brochure does not reflect the larger sizes of the new Version 8.

Low cost construction does not need to be inferior. Our technology exceeds most building technologies in strength and durability