4x lower cost - 20x faster to build

The way buildings are constructed has not changed in more than 100 years - Until NOW!

Manufactured Modular Construction is the next evolution in green building technology. All our raw materials are mass produced on advanced production lines. The profile fabrication and panel gluing is done by CNC equipment to the highest precision. The finished components are shipped flat packed to the building site. The building is erected by unskilled labor at speeds never achieved before and without a costly crane. To reduce labor we eliminated 95% of all fasteners. All components interlock with each other. We incorporate automotive style seals to eliminate caulking. Layouts can be done in increments of 1.4m (4.6ft). Expansions are easy. No limit to room size, the maximum height is 10 floors. Our buildings resist water, corrosion, mold and fire. They are strong enough to survive a substantial earthquake or a CAT 5 hurricane. We use shock absorbers every 1.4m and repeat this on every floor.

Our smallest 300 ft2 house will sell for less than $12,000 and assembles in 2 hours. Our building cost is a breakthrough and will contribute in solving the global affordable housing crisis.