Affordable Modular Housing

The way buildings are constructed has not changed in more than 100 years - Until NOW!

Manufactured Modular Construction is the next evolution in green building technology. Precision components will be shipped to the construction site and assembled like a piece of IKEA furniture at a speed of 60ft2/hour (6m2/hour) by the end user without the need for cranes. The design offers the flexibility to create multi-floor layouts in increments of 4.2ft (1.3m).

Our material is as strong as steel, but four times lighter and resists fire, water, mold, corrosion and chemicals. The insulated panels slide into the structural composite frame. The entire building is locked together by special shock absorbing connectors. Building expansions are achieved by adding additional components. The MMC-3 buildings are strong and will survive a substantial hurricane.

Our small house will sell for $14,750 and assembles in 2 hours. At $18/ft2 ($190/m2) our building cost is a breakthrough and will contribute in solving the global affordable housing crisis.