The MMC Guarantee: High speed, low cost, maximum strength.

Construction has changed very little over the last 100 years - Until NOW!

Manufactured Modular Construction is the next evolution in sustainable building technology. All our raw materials are mass produced on automated production lines. Finished components are shipped flat packed to the building site where they can be quickly assembled with general labor. Fasteners are greatly reduced and components are interlocking, which improves aesthetics and performance. Floorplans can be laid out in 1 foot increments with full design freedom, allowing for virtually any residential or multifamily floorplan. Our buildings are designed to grow with you - add on a room or double the size of your home as needed. Our buildings are designed to protect against the elements and survive earthquakes or hurricanes.

Our assemble at a rate of 100 ft2 per hour. Our speed a cost reflects our patented breakthrough technology aimed at the global housing crisis.