Affordable Modular Housing

The way buildings are constructed has not changed in more than 200 years - Until NOW!

MMC-3 developed a unique modular system using only 5 structural building elements to create buildings of different sizes in increments of 1.3m (4.25ft) for a third of the cost. The fiber reinforced polymer elements connect to each other like a LEGO set. The material is as strong as steel, but four times lighter. It will not burn in a fire and will keep its structural integrity. The composite wall panels, window panels and door panels slide in to the frame. The entire building unit is locked together by a special internal fastening system. Our buildings can be assembled or disassembled in less than 10min per square meter (1 min per square foot). We will offer soon buildings with multiple floors. Future building expansions are achieved by adding additional components.
The materials we use were developed in our defense shelter division. The MMC-3 building units are strong and will survive a strong hurricane. They resist fire, water, mold and chemicals.
The MMC-3 low cost housing concept will revolutionize the building industry and will make housing affordable to everyone.